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(Reg No 243864)

The King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Charity (Reg No 243864) is one of a number of local charities that help those resident in the Borough who are in need or hardship. The Trustees of the Charity come from all walks of life and with a very good knowledge of the community they are serving. They include appointees from the Borough Council and from Norfolk County Council Social Services. (Individuals interested in becoming a Trustee should contact the Charity’s Secretary).

The object of the Charity, which was established in 1986, is to relieve hardship or distress by paying for (or by making a financial contribution towards) items, services or facilities calculated to help those in need and to support those with disability or medical needs who apply for help and where public funds are not available.

Further information about the Charity can be found on the Charity Commission website at beta.charitycommission.gov.uk

Recent forms of assistance have included: the purchase of cookers, washing machines, dryers, fridges and fridge freezers; the purchase of carpeting and other flooring; provision of furniture and bedding; assistance with heating and utility costs; and help with relocation costs with the Borough.

Each grant application has to be endorsed and supported by a professional support worker. Each application is considered on its own merit. Grants are not provided where the need should be met from public funds.

The Trustees meet quarterly to consider applications for assistance in March, June, September and December. In addition, urgent applications may be considered between meetings.

To apply, please download an application form, complete it in full and with all the information required, and then return it by post or email to the Charity’s Secretary at info@kingslynnwncharitytrust.co.uk . Please read the guidance notes carefully.

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